The Challenge in Time Management


Can we control time? It is common to hear that one would like the day to have more than 24 hours, but do we really need more hours or reschedule our activities? Time management is still a challenge for many people and extends to both personal and professional agendas.

You are a busy professional with many tasks and believe that if you had more time to finish them you would be fine. Wouldn’t you be handled more responsibilities then? Finding time is an universal complaint and it is common to hear students and stay-home moms claiming that their lives are hectic, causing them to feel stressed. But “feeling stressed out” is just the beginning of something more serious if not detected early.

Stress is not just a mood or temporary situation, but a disease. A disease that may lead to heart-attacks, strokes, mental disability and even death. In fact, it is ironic because we are the only responsible for our level of stress, so technically we are causing this to ourselves. How? By being unable to manage our schedules and not learning or improving skills.

There are several techniques to become more organized and take control of your 24-hour day. Some of them are very easy to apply, such as making use of technology or eliminating distractions. Endless books and courses are available on the topic of Time Management, but how come many still struggle in finding time to work and enjoy life? Because each individual is unique and there is no universal recipe that applies to all.

 A life and career coach assists coachees with restructuring their agenda and helps identifying the key issues and designs a customized list of tools for time management. Another key-point is how diligent and motivated the coachee is to make such changes and succeed in time management.

7 Reasons to Hire a Coach

It is common to misunderstand the concept of coaching. In fact, coaching is frequently associated to professional and business coaching, while any individual can hire a coach to achieve any personal goals, such as weigh loss or personal relationships, for instance. For me, the role of a life and career coach is the same as the sports coach: to motivate and help develop or improve skills. See below some reasons to hire a coach:

1) Change

One of the most important reasons to hire a coach is to promote change. The coaching process is only successful when the coachee is open for changes and is committed to incorporating them into his/her life, regardless of the hard-work involved. Any kind of change can be manageable in coaching, as long as it is realistic.

2) Work-life balance

This has been a very popular term in the past ten years, but it is still a challenge for most people. Failing in achieving the so-called work-life balance not only causes frustration but can also lead to stress, the epidemic of the 21st century. A life and career coach can provide tools to facilitate the coachee’s personal and professional life in order to get the best of both worlds.

3) Time management

Are we busier than before or worse in managing our schedules? Regardless of the reason, it is possible to be productive and still have pleasure. Sometimes we wish the day had more hours, but as that is not yet possible, the key is to PRIORITIZE.

4) Pursue a dream

If one has a dream but thinks it is too hard or do not have the tools to achieve it, a coach can assist him/her in designing a plan of action. Please bear in mind that one is never too young or too old to do anything.

5) Personal and professional relationships

We all know that dealing with people can be quite a challenge, but coaching can also be useful in improving relationships. The coach can help the coachee reflect on the reasons the current relationship is as it is and help incorporate new attitudes to transform situations.

6) Career

It is common to feel insecure or in doubt regarding your career path, regardless of your stage in life. A coach is crucial in assisting a recent graduate in entering the job market, an executive seeking career change or a senior who is retiring. A career coach is highly requested among female executives who struggle between career and family.

7) Motivation

As I have mentioned previously, just like a sports coach, a life and career coach motivates the coachee to pursue any dream or goal. Nothing is too small or too big to be worth fighting for. If you need motivation to start a new project, to become a better professional or to transform your personal life and do not know how to start, consider hiring a coach.

I hope I could clarify some of your questions regarding the topics a coach can assist. What aspects would you like a coach to motivate you with? Please feel free to drop a line on the comments box below!