Career Coaching

Career coaching is frequently associated to high management professionals, but it ranges all positions in several segments. It is a mode of coaching which assists the coachee in redefining his/her career objectives, regardless of the stage in life he/she is at the moment.

Career coaching can be applied very early in one’s career, in fact, even before entering the job market itself. Ideally, children and teenagers should receive coaching from their parents and professionals for self-improvement purposes. During the last years of high school, when students start preparing and sending applications to universities, it is important that he/she identifies areas of interest in order to become more productive during college years already. A college student who is driven and focused on results will naturally be more prepared while searching for internship opportunities and pursuing a career instead of a job position itself.

That being said, it is no different with professionals, being them entry-level or high management level. As I always tell my coachees, as long as they desire to work their full potential and excel in what they do, there will always have room for coaching. Any progress is a progress, so professionals who are currently satisfied with their performance can still develop new skills and thrive.

Any person who meets any of the status below will benefit from coaching:

* Unemployed

* Internship seekers

* Expats

* Athletes

* Aiming for a change in career, job position or segment

* Wishing for a promotion

*  Work-life balance strugglers

* Hoping for a smooth retirement

Please do not hesitate to drop a line on the comment box below if you have any doubts.

Wish you all a lovely weekend!

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