What is Happiness?

Disclaimer: this is a spontaneous post inspired on an ordinary pre-holiday night. It shall be very informal, but true to the heart.

While I was washing the dinner dishes, I thought about things that made me happy. Happiness is interpreted in different ways and while for some it is a temporary feeling, for others can be a state of mind. I could list endless things that make me happy, but not necessarily in the long-term.

Even though I consider myself a very happy person, I surely feel blue sometimes. However, I think happiness goes beyond an actual feeling, but extends to the way one sees, or wants to see life as it is. In other words, it is really how one interprets certain situations or facts, and I can go beyond by associating happiness with optimism. For instance, two people working at the same company, having the same job position, salary and boss may have different approaches in their professional lives, and very likely have distinct career perspectives.

Anyway, what motivated me to write today was a sudden (not so sudden) feeling of satisfaction. I am truly grateful for my life and everything that completes it, but the awareness of happiness demands a little bit of reflection. I enjoy thinking about the several changes I have been going through and most importantly, I have learned to move on and accept challenges, which sometimes come along with failure.

I am also reflecting upon situations in which I put too much thought in the past and that today have little relevance. For me, happiness also relates to self-knowledge and setting my lifestyle free of comparisons and let time and maturity set the pace for a more balanced life, also free of judgments.

I just wanted to share that whatever hard time you are going through, there is a solution, or at least, a less painful alternative. Communicating with people is healing and allowing yourself to love and be loved is releasing. Enjoy the little things and why not love many things? Happiness is out there for anyone and everyone!

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