Making decisions

Decisions are an intrinsic part of our lives, and they only differ in importance and urgency. Also, some may feel more or less stressed in comparison to other people towards the same issue, and that is absolutely normal and subjective.

In addition, maturity plays an important role in a sense that experience and time enable change in perspective for the same problem or matter. A simple example is a parent who has to decide the best school to enroll his/her first child. This parent might reflect for a long time and deal with this decision differently from the second time he/she has to select a school. Not only it will be less complicated but also it will demand a shorter time and the feedback from the previous decision will contribute to this new decision.

We are more prepared than we believe we are, and I can assure this because just the fact of thinking about it and being concerned already make us better than if we did not care about anything. The idea of making a groundbreaking decision is scary and can be overwhelming because it is natural to fear the unknown or the  unexpected. However, life is made of making small and big decisions and there is no correct answer, trust me. If you stop for a moment and think, then you will realize that you are only responsible for your own success and happiness. Who else has the right to tell you that you have made a wrong or bad decision? If one wants to do something that involves a large amount of money and is hesitant and a friend or relative tells him/her to do it, why does he/she has to do it? Whose money is being involved? Whose financial stability will be affected? Please bear in mind that humans in general love giving advice, but in the end of the day, no one knows anything better than the one person who is to make the decision.

Whenever you are in doubt, listen to your own voice and reflect on the following simple question: “What is the worst that can happen if I do this?”. It is important to weigh pros and cons, but you have to believe in yourself before listening to anyone’s advice. Surely it is OK to receive inputs of our loved ones, but they do not necessarily understand how we feel and they are not in our shoes, even when they are very involved in our issue.

There are several aspects that will demand a firm decision, and sometimes they are urgent. However, before taking impulsive actions or getting desperate, stay calm and analyze the entire situation. Once you understand what is really going on, brainstorm possibilities and select those that are doable and that will make you happy. Because sometimes we tend to choose the easiest or the obvious ways, and this is very tricky. Also, the easiest or fastest decision not always will lead you to where you want to be or go. Yes, it takes hard work, patience and even pain for us to get to physical and emotional places. Don’t give up before trying. Don’t go for the easiest path. Remember that ANY decision you make is the right decision, as long as it is what makes you happy. The rest you will nail it, sooner or later.

Happy Holidays!

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