Weight Loss is a Mean, Not a Goal

weight-loss-700x495It has been a while since my last post, but I have been developing personal and professional skills, and some of those include incorporating healthy habits into my routine. The concept of “healthy” may vary according to different cultures, costumes, ideology, etc; but what I am going to discuss here is far from imposing a “right” way of conducting a healthy lifestyle.

In my opinion, being healthy is a combination of mental and physical health, and it is no secret that well-being is a result of a balanced life. I believe many of you have already heard that what we eat reflects on how we feel and look, but I would go further and affirm that the formula must add positive feelings and conscience. Actually, conscience and discipline, because without those there is no purpose that validates the result.

For instance, let’s take someone who is desperate to lose weight in order to fit an old pair of jeans and goes straight for a nip and tuck. This person wants a quick solution and is not interested in going through a conscious diet or nutrition education. Since it is common to mix up goal with strategy, one must always think over the actual reason and importance of losing weight. Also, it is very likely that the purpose of losing weight it not very clear, and the person should think further on why he/she wants to fit an old pair of jeans. Would it be to look younger? Would it be to feel more attractive? Why does the person want to look younger? Why does he/she want to feel more attractive?

That being said, instead of believing that the weight loss is the goal, one must comprehend that a few pounds less is a mean to achieve something else, such as confidence, being healthier, preparing for maternity, etc. In another words: reasons that seek long-term results.

For me, a healthier lifestyle includes eating more natural foods, avoiding sugar, cooking, working out regularly, spending time with friends, studying, keeping organized, spending quality time with family, and dedicating time for other hobbies. However, those are my personal combination of habits that make me happy, and it took me a few years to understand my body and mind in order create my package of “healthy habits”. Every person must understand and respect their own limits before trying to reproduce someone else’s life recipe. Getting inspiration from others is helpful and generates motivation, as long as one adapts it to his/her reality.

I hope you feel inspired to think about your own healthy habits and do not push yourself too hard if you don’t believe it will bring you satisfaction and happiness. Respect your body and mind and make decisions based on your long-term goal. First remember WHY you want something and only after figuring that out, think on HOW to get it.


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