Where is my inspiration?

This is so ironic because I am currently encountering writer’s block for this post and also because I am struggling to finish a book at the moment.

Today I’ve decided to dedicate my writing to open up my heart, and for the first time, I just want to have a frank conversation to whoever is reading this today, and apologies if this is not a motivational article. Although rare, I feel fatigued due to some work, travel and lack of sleep and workout, and thought “this could be interesting, people may relate to a real experience and even a life coach has his/her bad days”. So this is a honest and realistic description of how one struggles with finding inspiration.

I wonder if inspiration is something everyone has by nature and that can be lost sometimes, or if it’s a talent we all need to develop. Either case, I am sure I am not the only one facing it right now. Would it be lack of focus, then? Well, I know I am motivated to publish a book, I have also set it as a priority, but why do I still find it so hard to just sit at my computer to write?

The book writing started a few months ago and the first pages went smoothly until I got a total block for some weeks, then I was able to resume the writing and at the moment I am 75% done. However, now I am stuck again, and I am afraid it’s not because I’ve already exhausted all the content. Actually, I have new ideas and insights all the time, but I “just” can’t translate those into words. I’ve been an editor before, so perhaps it wouldn’t be so hard if I already had everything I wanted put into a fluid text. At the same time, typing everything that comes into my mind ain’t something I fancy doing either, so probably I am stuck because I aim at typing a final art, which we all know it’s impossible. There is no such thing, right?

Another hypothesis for my writer’s block could be anxiety. Perhaps I have been skipping a few processes and instead of going step by step, I am already dreaming of the book launch, or picturing the final draft, or even the hard copy! But how would I reach those if I can’t manage to finish the first draft?

So I guess I already have an answer just by writing my feelings and emotions right now!

~Ok Suzana, take a deep breath, remember your motivations, focus and follow the steps in the correct order. You will only get the book published if you sit down and write. Inspiration comes and goes, but if you have what you want clear as water and understand why such thing is important, you will get this right, and done!~

Thanks for reading and please share if you have been through lack of inspiration or writer’s block before. If you have, how did you manage to finish your project?