I am publishing my first book!

A few months ago I wrote about my writer’s block and how much I was struggling to write my first book. Today I am proud to announce that the first step finally came to an end is the book is printed! The official launch will be in my hometown, São Paulo (Brazil) on 19 April. You can find more details at the end of this post.

When the idea of writing a book arrived to me, I got very excited and everything seemed to be “easy and organized” in the sense that I was able to create a timesheet, drafted the chapters and came to the conclusion that my agenda would work perfectly. Even though I took into account my real schedule and activities in order to fit the book writing into my routine, in reality things were not that easy. Why?

You must have guessed right: Inspiration. Because writing a book is not the same as reading one or studying for an exam. Unfortunately creativity is a rebellious creature that only starts working when it wants to. One cannot force it or push it when the alarm goes off. And once it starts flowing, one should not stop it when the time is up either! That is why it was so challenging for me, who consider myself an organized life coach with reasonably good time management skills. If only writing could be as easy as typing whatever crossed my mind…

I believe that the process of writing a book, regardless of the talent of the writer, should always have deadlines, time management and organization. It is important to include slots of time to relax, get inspired and consequently, brainstorming. The more ideas one have, the more fluid the writing becomes. But as I said, because there are deadlines to obey, it is inevitable to get organized. I assume that is where I failed, as I was confident regarding the subject and thought I didn’t need any brainstorming. Only because I wrote about memories, it did not necessarily mean that I did not need creativity, does it make sense?

Another crucial fact that contributed loads to me getting the book done was to create a crowd funding campaign to finance my self-publishing. It was a way for me to arise my sense of responsibility towards my decisions. For me, having an audience supporting my writing and ideas at the same time as expecting results, was the key-point to my ability to meet the publisher’s deadline and my own deadline to launch the book in mid-April.

I can say that I am relieved and happy, but restless because my next goal is to translate the book into English, as its original version is in Portuguese.

Be my guest on 19 April between 7:00-9:00pm at Padaria Pet (Rua Oscar Freire, 502, Sao Paulo). Pets are welcome too!

Have a lovely week you all!




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