I am Annoying


Disclaimer: The below post may discredit my reputation as a coach, but I can’t help expressing my real thoughts and personality.

The purpose of this post is to stimulate a look into ourselves and think of ways to change bad habits and evaluate what attitudes are worth eliminating. It is easier to point at other people’s flaws instead of ours, so the task here is to spend a few minutes to analyze some patterns and question if we have missed on any career or relationship opportunities because of personality traits, reactions towards advice and even opinions given towards a certain topic.

When a negative response towards something we are working on is frequent, we must stop and think of a different way to do it. One will never reach the expected result if he/she insists on the same process, and the same is valid for anything.

Regardless of your goal, if you are frustrated about not getting something you really want, I suggest you make a list of possible reasons why you haven’t reach it. Take responsibility for your failures instead of blaming an external factor. I invite you to do that and in order to support you, I have removed my own layers as an example. You may feel bad about yourself at first, when you take a look at an enormous list of flaws, but later you will find it helpful and I will guide you through this journey in my upcoming posts 🙂

Once I was told: “You are a nice friend, but it must be unbearable to date you.” I couldn’t agree more and I am 100% sure that I am annoying and here are some reasons:

  1. I am very talkative, like, all the time, since the time I wake up;
  2. I don’t have boundaries;
  3. I am loud;
  4. I am too honest;
  5. I am too energetic;
  6. I get excited about the smallest things and I find fun in absolutely everything;
  7. I like many things and get bored easily;
  8. I am selfish;
  9. I don’t take sides when two friends are fighting;
  10. I can’t stand dramatic people;
  11. I don’t say nice things just to please someone;
  12. I am not sweet;
  13. I am demanding;
  14. I like things my way;
  15. I don’t take advice;
  16. I am too proud and cocky;
  17. I am impulsive
  18. I can never finish what I start…

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