Finding Inner Peace

Have you asked yourself what is wrong with the world? Why are people so intolerant, impatient and angry? Of course I am making a general statement and fortunately there are people and situations that spark a little bit of hope in us every now and then. If you are lucky enough, perhaps your reality is closer to “good vibes”, so stick to it!

Many religions and faiths state that the solution to all the evil and war against each other is inner peace. But wait: what exactly is inner peace? Is it a philosophy, lifestyle or feeling?

In my point of view, inner peace may vary from a person to another and it consists of a combination of different factors. However, I believe that these factors are not material (aka possession-related), regardless of the person’s lifestyle, wealth, culture, etc. Because if peace was reached with belongings, then it would be a contradictory concept, wouldn’t it?

Anyhow, I’ve decided to open this discussion because I hope this topic is debated broadly, and that my fellow humans understand that the world cannot be fixed on its own, neither solved by a different government or based on changing one another, if one is not feeling well with him/herself.

One way to identify if one is not at peace with him/herself is when someone is very critic and intolerant of another person. Usually a person is critic and judgmental of characteristics or attitudes they wish they had, while the person they criticize actually has. Isn’t it a crazy thing? Obviously it’s not something easy to recognize nor acknowledged. Or maybe someone else is totally different from you, has a different ideology or just doesn’t care about what you think of him/her. And this bothers you, someway somehow. So the main question to ask yourself is “Why does this person bother me so much?Why do I care and why do I want to argue/fight/hurt this person?”

This is beyond the sphere of what is right or wrong, but tolerance is built based on understanding differences and respecting one another with patience. In my opinion, this would be enough to establish world peace already, as no one is expected to best-friend someone they don’t like. However, respect is key to civilization and consequently, there wouldn’t be free insults towards people we find different, for instance. It’s the famous “let’s agree to disagree”.

That’s all for today, I hope you dedicate a few minutes to think about this. Let’s find our inner peace. Let’s just be happy :)))

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