Keep it simple, stupid; aka KISS principle, means pretty much, what it says, except for the stupid part. It was a design concept created back in the 1960’s and praises simplicity over complexity. OK, but what does this has to do with our lives?

Remember a few posts back, when I mentioned “The Minimalists” documentary? Well, the moment has finally arrived!

I would be lying if I affirmed I am a minimalist, or that I have never collected shopping bags, CDs or shoes. I actually did all of that and maybe some other stuff, like stickers, lotions, makeup and the list goes on. Of course, I am not proud of any of these right now, but I believe I was proud of all that junk at some point. I believed the more things I possessed, the more empowered or popular I would be.

Although I wasn’t aware, today it is clear that my self-esteem was low because my grades were not great, I frequently argued with my parents, I was too skinny and was not the most popular girl in school. For me, if I dressed designer clothes, learned the newest songs and owned a cool “Discman”, people would like me more. I had no idea that everything I needed was actually inside of me, that I had to be a likeable person for my mentality and attitudes and not for what I dressed, or what my parents bought me. I guess the latter was the worst part of all because I couldn’t afford my stupid things and I am sorry my parents spent so much money on my shallow self.

Fast-forward some (many) years and I’ve started investing in my education and spirituality. It is an ongoing and long process, but I am making sure the results are long lasting and overall, I believe in my attitudes and that brings me joy. Throughout this journey, I am learning more about minimalism and sustainability.

Collecting things is not the main issue here, and there are actually professionals who do that for a living. My point is to raise awareness of accumulating items or shopping compulsively in attempt to fill a sort of emptiness in one´s life. I understand that most of us live in a capitalistic society and I am far from stating that it is sinful to desire things or dream about a new house or trip, but when such behavior has negative consequences, then change is required.

A house, a desk, a drawer, a cabinet, a wardrobe full of things are already too much to handle, not to mention when on top of that, they are messy as well. Even if you actually needed everything you owe, I doubt you use everything on a daily basis, or need more than one unit of each item. We believe that having options is positive, while having to choose between more than two things is actually torture and causes one to waste time.

Keeping things simple goes beyond having fewer things, which involves facilitating processes, feelings and attitudes. We tend to complicate things by overthinking, by adding extra steps to simple chores.

If you relate to my story and want to learn more about keeping things simple, drop me a line, stupid 🙂

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