Letting go

Hello October!

I am not very good at making frequent posts here but I am trying hard to post everyday on my business account on Instagram (@suzanacoaching).

I used to have a personal account on Instagram but felt the need to let it go in February 2017, during a retreat where I meditated about my happiness and things/ideas to detach from. Back then, I realized how addicted I was to social media, specially Instagram. Not only did I spend many hours per day scrolling through my feed but mainly, I cared too much about who viewed and liked my posts, constantly updating and checking that from time to time, every single day. That automatic behavior had transformed me into a maniac and anxious person, instead of making me feel relaxed and entertained.

I understand that social media is fun and useful to catch up with family and friends, but in my case (and many people can relate to), I started to use it as a tool for self-assurance which resulted in excessive exposure. Ironically, “social media” actually made me less social, to say the least. I believed the illusion that online friends corresponded to real friends and that exchanging messages replaced physical interactions. I woke up every morning curious to check how many likes I had in a photo or how many views I had on my Stories. I would get upset if certain people did not like my posts. All I cared about was to get a good picture wherever I went, whereas I was missing out a lot of the real stuff, including amazing sceneries during my trips.

I am not proud of the person I was but I am certainly glad that I realized in due time that I could change and actually let my Instagram go. I won’t lie that I hadn’t tried to recover it a couple times, but it was too late already: the account is gone for good, and although I had beautiful photos there (with no backups unfortunately), I have accepted that we can’t be attached to the past no matter how good those moments were or how great we looked in those pictures. A photo may register a fantastic frame of time that will never be repeated, but like it or not, it is the present that matters right now. It is what we do today and plan for the future that will transform our lives from now on. Changes won’t happen if we stick to the past or to what we once were, looked or had.

So I propose a little challenge: how long can you stay out of social media? Are you willing to adopt the #scrollfree movement? Would you be more mindful if you let go some of your online habits?

If you are interested in this discussion, my latest Podcast episode is all about the consequence of social media (Scroll free September and suicide prevention – More awareness towards social media):

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Have a nice week!

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