Intolerance as never seen before

Hello everyone!

My motivation to write this post today is the situation we are currently facing in Brazil, amid numerous discussions regarding the presidential elections. There are plenty of material available online for you to read and make a decision, but my concern goes beyond the candidates and their proposals.

Heated discussions on social media soar during election period, but I have noticed personal attacks between friends and family that will lead to nothing, actually, it may cause relationship disruptions with no turning back. When people start offending each other, one loses respect towards the other and the cycle goes on. We have to bear in mind that mean words cannot be taken back, and the wound created leaves a deep scar.

I also believe we are all becoming intolerant about the smallest things, not sure exactly why, but I suspect it is due to lack of patience, shallowness and because we are treating relationships as disposable. Because many of us are active on social media, we tend to express ourselves more frequently and perhaps more openly because the screen serves as a shield. Our written or recorded words may not seem as powerful as a live speech, and we usually post things without proper thought and revision. What’s posted is posted and will survive the eternity of the internet even if one rushes to delete it immediately after posting.

Although I am not manifesting my vote publicly, I include myself in this massive intolerance phenomenon because I have entered unnecessary discussions amongst my family members and I was judgmental on their choice to support a different point of view instead of respecting them no matter what.

All I can say is that the choices we have are not ideal, and my country still has lots (and I mean LOTS) to improve, which includes its People. We have the country and the government we deserve in terms of maturity and culture of blaming external factors instead of looking at ourselves and making some effort to improve. The government might play an important part on its citizens’ lives, but not entirely.

I think it’s time for us to analyze what we can do for ourselves regardless of the extra work we have to put in from now on and be more tolerant towards different beliefs and points of view. We don’t have to agree with everything, but we cannot disrespect each other. The moment we let our emotions control our behavior, we lose it all.

Finally, we must stop blaming others for our failures. We must stop hoping that the government will fix our personal mess, when the only person responsible for any change is YOU.

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