When you say nothing at all


Does this title sound familiar to you? It’s from a song by Ronan Keating that suits perfectly the topic I want to cover today.

We all have loads to say, discuss, debate or even preach every time we see someone. Or, have you interrupted someone’s speech or sentence just to say “me too”, whereas your comment at that moment was irrelevant? However, do we really need to say something at all times?

The point is to reflect upon our instinct to react at diverging opinions or prove our point at all costs. In both situations we are led by our ego and also by lack of tolerance towards other people and their beliefs.

Yes, it is easier said than done, but are you doing anything to train your tolerance? Are you aware that your ego is dominating your behavior and relationships? Most of it depends on self-awareness, which we often fail to train, or even have not yet developed.

It is obviously easier to criticize anything external to our bubble and the human nature is selfish unless one is humble enough to acknowledge it.

One simple (not easy though) step is to practice empathy and put oneself in the other person’s shoes. You can mentalize that you are the person being criticized and imagine how you would feel if someone disagreed and mocked your points of view or lifestyle. Did you like the feeling? What would you do differently?

Next step is to “say nothing at all”. Can you actually do it? What are the thoughts that cross your mind while you are holding yourself to not express your opinion or criticism?

I hope you are able to practice some of the above and please let me know your feedback after changing your behavior.

You may reach me at coaching@suzanasu.com if you want to discuss further.



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