How happiness and entrepreneurship relate

“Every moment of unhappiness is, potentially, a new business waiting to be born.”

-The School of Life


Photo from Unsplash /@dsmacinnes

Many of my big projects were created when I was trying to solve a problem or frustrated with some aspect of my life. And this wouldn’t be different with career and business, would it?

My psychologist friends joke that they chose the profession because they needed therapy themselves, and I think the same happened to me when I decided to become a life coach. The so-called “quarter-life crisis” hit me when I was 27 (ok, it hit me other times too, but let’s focus on this one), and I immediately felt I had to make a drastic career change. I remember I had searched online for consultants, headhunters and career coaches until I stumbled upon a coaching training center in my city. Later I found out my fellow classmates went through the same process before enrolling to the certification programme. Although part of the audience already knew they wanted to become certified coaches, I was the other group who believed the training would fix my personal life.

To make long story short, later in the process I realized I was an innate coach and besides “fixing” my life, I wanted to help other people achieve their goals too. Exactly, I decided to become a career coach because I was unhappy with how my life path was moving after my 20’s. If this sounds ironic, I can assure that I would have hardly made that decision (and investment) if I were feeling fulfilled back then.

My goal here is not to advise that you should become a coach to solve whichever problems you encounter, even though I recommend everyone who has the opportunity, to actually look for training and courses on coaching, self knowledge or personal development. One would be surprised on how little we know about ourselves, as we tend to live on auto pilot and probably caring too much about other people’s opinion.

I am writing this post as of 2020, amid a surreal pandemic where almost the entire planet is in self-isolation mode, and naturally I’ve been through mixed feelings throughout the past weeks, which includes anxiety, fear, frustration, and unhappiness. BINGO! Don’t worry, I am fine, and motivated! How come?

Unhappiness, remember? My astrologer calls it “faux depression”, but aside from the fact that we humans tend to victimize oneself and believe there is no exit, I needed to feel unhappy so I could take responsibility for my decisions and make changes. I am fast forwarding the whole process, but basically I’d been through uncertainty, laziness, countless rants and mood swings (not pretty I know), and it was totally worth it. Because feeling unhappy just made me rethink my routine, choices and DREAMS!

I have never felt so motivated in my entire life, and a proof is that I can be super efficient for things I BELIEVE IN. Regardless if it’s a project I own or someone else’s, I would dive in if I feel it’s the right thing. Don’t know about you, but I procrastinate a lot (not proud of it), and it’s either because it’s something easy I know I can deliver by the deadline, or because I don’t want to do it (and won’t finish it, ever).

For now this is all I can share about my new endeavor. I will be back here again next year to update the status of the project.

Unhappy Suzana = Entrepreneurial Suzana

Au revoir!

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