Summer solstice 2021

The title above is merely symbolic though it’s indeed 21 December and coincidentally, the weather today is quite pleasant and warm. However, for me, the most important fact about this very date is that my birthday will fall exactly one month from today! Yes, I am one of those people who loves celebrating birthdays and tells every single soul about it. I am just that shameless…

Also, the choice of picture to illustrate the last blog post of 2021 was thoroughly selected because it indeed has a lot to do with how I live by at the moment and the origin of a project that later became my source of income this year – sustainability.

A lot has happened since my last post and I just don’t know where to start. In March I had no idea I would dive into the entrepreneurial world, nor learn all the stuff in the journey ahead. That being said, it does not mean my business is huge or that I already make a profit out of it. However, I have never felt closer to my life purpose as I do now – it is a mix of freedom and pride, regardless of what numbers my balance sheet shows right now LOL

We are still surviving a global pandemic and while several business owners were forced to close down, other businesses were created, including my online shop. As the good old Chinese saying from the character “crisis” , made by the words “danger” and “opportunity”:

In a crisis, be aware of the danger-but recognize the opportunity.”

I am far from blaming or taking advantage of companies that ran out of business, but we are all aware that sometimes, a different perspective and a growth mindset are game changers amid crisis. That is why some people strive in very hostile environments and other fail even with great advantage. My business is still very new and I can’t forecast whether it will be profitable or not in the long run, which makes me question what success means to me.

I might have written about success previously, but probably about successful people – and each person has their own definition of success, and that’s alright. It only becomes an issue when other people start inputting their own view of success into someone else’s life and their opinion influences the latter. I say that because I am easily affected by what people I care about think about me and my choices, and that sucks big time.

How come? Why do I let other people interfere in how I perceive my own success? Interesting enough, I’ve always advised my clients to work on their beliefs and develop their conviction so much so nothing could pull them down. Well, some things are easier said than done, am I wrong?

Isn’t it because before anyone’s judgment, our own judgment counts first? Isn’t it that my perception of success is one, and the way I have been doing things does not match with it? Does my speech pair up with my mindset? I feel that I have been running on autopilot instead of following a plan, trying to solve a problem after the other without a GPS. Should I have created a business plan before launching my first new product? Maybe…

I am aware is never too late to reset and take a few steps backwards, but I also feel that I got distracted and found myself stuck in a dilemma several times because of unsolicited advice from people with no experience in my field, but who are important to me, in any level.

Lesson learned: I take care of what is mine, and you take care of what is yours :p

Well, I guess that’s all for 2021 and I look forward to a brand new year with new hopes and endeavors, with less distractions on my end.

Happy Holidays!

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